Friday, September 18, 2009

My little bundle of joy heartbeat,my world...turns three tomorrow. And, I am sooo thankful to THE ONE ABOVE for this most wonderful gift HE gave me.

Growing age, workplace rush, and the home front, makes me tired often, but my little darling by her sweet talks and pranks rids me off all my aches and tiredness, and I forget myself catering to her demands...."Ammamma ivade varu ivade irikkyu ente koode kalikkyu" .......and then by her sweet twittering ways..."u wont talk to me? u want to sleep?" and all sorts of sweet nothings, she keeps me active.

But yesterday,she,by her innocent ways moved a strange chord in the depth of my heart.I was telling her about mother pigeon and baby pigeon having gone to sleep and why she should not go to the terrace lest she disturbed them.Then she asked,when mother pigeon woke up in the morning, and flew away to get food for the baby, what would the baby do.I went on to explain to her that baby pigeon would play and wait for mama pigeon to come back.Then by action I showed how mama would feed the baby pigeon beak to beak.Immediately she said,"enikkyu veshkkunu"( I am hungry). In the same flow I said let mama come.Little did I expect the response that came.She asked.."appo ammamma aarkka maamu kodkkua? raghumaamuno?"( so whom will ammamma feed? raghu maamu).
I just did not know what to say to that innocent query. When she said I am hungry, she thought I would feed her, and when I said let mamma come....was she taken aback? was she hurt? I dont know what feelings overcame me.. I picked her up and kissed her all over and said... no no ammamma will feed her darling nammukutty and went on to get food for her.But her instant response in that innocent manner set me thinking. When her mama came home we talked about that and even now I find it hard to stop my tears to think was my darling hurt that ammamma said let amma come?

The way she said was very touching, indeed.Sometimes little ones really set us thinking even over our casual remarks. I am reminded of a line from a malayalam poem...

വാക്കുകള്‍ കൂട്ടിചോല്ലാന്‍ വയ്യാത്ത കിടാങ്ങളേ ദീര്ഘദര്ശനമ് ചെയ്യും ദെഇവജ്ന്യരല്ലൊ നിങ്ങള്‍

(roughly translated it means kids who cant utter full sentences even are so very farsighted than us adults.) do set us thinking wild at times...No??????

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Onasamsakal--Happy Onam!

Tomorrow is onam. This post --a very short one- is just to wish a very Happy Onam to all my co bloggers and all those who would care to peep into my blog(this and ambrosia). while u all enjoy the onam feast, tomorrow, here is an old couple from NOIDA , INDIA,wishing u all avery happy onam! Onasamsakal Evarkkum

Monday, July 20, 2009

Kanwarias----Shiva's foot soldiers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Past three days all the educational institutions in Ghaziabad are closed!and all of us in the teaching fraternity are treated to a pleasant surprise of five days off from our busy schedule(of course we will work overtime or may be we will skip certain other calendar listed holidays).However for now we are relaxing thanks to the self styled soldiers of lord Shiva. As traffic crawl along UP- Delhi border, we can see long lines and huge crowds of saffron clad men and rarely a few women carrying kanwars( triangular wooden frames) colourfully decorated with cheap plastic festoons and toys. As monsoon sets in , we can see these kanwariahs initially in pairs or small groups across the plains of north India. From Bihar, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand and mostly from Uttar Pradesh they travel by various modes of transport towards Haridwar, Gangotri and Gomukh, to collect the sacred water from river Ganges and take the water to their local Shiva shrine to offer the ganga jal(sacred water of Ganges )on the shivaling.The real pilgrimage starts after collecting the water from Ganga. the kanwarias have to walk bare foot on their way back home carrying kanwars in various forms(according to their planned penance). the toughest one is the dak kanwar in which the kanwaria has to run all the way carrying the kanwar and the easiest one usually by the novitiates is the baithi, in which the kanwar can be allowed to sit on ground while the kanwaria rests. walking or even in rare cases running long distance means extreme exhaustion, blisters on feet, cramps,and often irritability. this also teaches them a lot of endurance, though we can hardly see them in that positive state of mind.intoxicants like bhang is consumed by many to help them bear the hardship (may be). the result of all this is arrogance and rowdiness on the part of these pilgrims who are called Bholenath(another name for Shiva). On their tour back home they are treated like Shiva and reverence is in abundance for them. The huge tents set up by rich shop keepers and various charity organizations and blessed by the government host these pilgrims by pampering them, feeding them and even tending their blistered feet and massaging their limbs.All through their journey back which may span over a period of 10 days, they receive royal treatment at every rest house tents they reach  en route,and, the kanwaria devotees hasten to feed them and offer cool drinks and and care even on roads.
Usually majority of the kanwarias are from the lower strata of society who are otherwise looked on with contempt by the upper strata and as suspected thieves and miscreants by the police. once they don the kanwaria garb they are treated with great reverence. Most of them who are deprived of two square meals a  day in their normal life, are fed with rich food and given the luxury of abundant rest and pamper by those who look down upon them otherwise. What a paradox of our society! Or is that a sweet unpronounced revenge by the lowly people on the affluent lot in the society?? Whatever.... for now they are simply basking in the name of god and making use of every ounce of pamper bestowed on them....and....thanks to them,we, in the teaching faculty along with the students are relaxing in gratitude(?????) to the kanwarias--------the soldiers of lord Shiva!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An ode to selfless love

Who are you to me?????????????
A sister I never had????
A daughter not born to me?
a friend who cares and dotes over me?
Nay.. u are all rolled into one my sweet loving Xi!
Five days of togetherness encompassed in formal ways
Turned into five decades of loving bond?
Those were just two days with you again....
You turned that into an eon of memory
Ever reminding me of your caring and loving ways
Each moment coming back to me to tell me
You care and you love with full heart
I dare not thank u my Xi.....lest....
Your crystal clear heart breaks!!!!!!!!.........for.....
Your love, I know is unconditional......

Just one more wish about us---my dear,
May this bond live on till our last breath my Xi

A fortnight of sheer joy

I remember those days when I started life as a home maker around 32 years back.It was sheer excitement and thrill to collect small items for the kitchen and for the living room. I always thought gone are those days of excitement and sheer joy of setting up a new household.

32 years passed amidst moving from a rented house to the Air India quarters and then to our own house and then building extensions and additions.Things seemed to have settled down and life almost stood still and devoid of much excitement. Little did I know that the excitement and thrill was to resurface and once again in a different perspective was I to experience all that.

Fifteen days of a totally new experience of setting up a new home and experimenting with basic available equipment and infrastructure and all the while enjoying every bit of it....................that too in a paradise like environ!!!!!!!!!!
May be my sheer joy of doing all this for my doting son who lost no chance to pamper Amma and to take every little effort to make her happy and cater to her demands, brought all the thrill of yesteryear's back
32 years back it was the man of my life who danced to the tune of my demands...and this time it is the other important male member of my life-----my son----who let go no chance to fulfill my demands. Whatever..... setting up anew home for my son, cooking solely for him, and waiting to see the smile of happiness and contentment at seeing me home when he came back from work, and watching him glow while seeing his favourite dish on table ...Oh my God that was my greatest joy!!!!!
That fortnight of my stay with my child, my doting darling son, took away from me all aches and pains of growing old, and the wonderful flora and fauna and the weather of Bangalore made my mind and body healthier and younger.Truly speaking I did not want to leave that paradise, but I have my soul mate, and a work place to turn back to and loads to do before i turn to those green pastures again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It was just three days back she had come to my room---a tired form, with disheveled hair and lost look, pale and red eyed! I still remember that frail young lady. She had come straight away from the railway station, to meet her son,Tushar in the L K G class. Accompanied by the K G in charge, she initially sounded very vague. I had to make her sit and relax and with a little prodding by the head mistress, she told me her story.......she is the mother of two, the elder one in L K G in my school, and the younger one just 2 years old. Since the birth of her daughter, she had noticed a great change in her husband, apart from the habit of drinking and gambling,he had started having extra marital relations too. she tried to adjust to his ways to the maximum, for the sake of her children, when it became unbearable, she called her brother, who took her away to Punjab, and the husband sent her with the brother but not the children. After a week in Punjab she could no longer stay away from her children. she returned to her children and came to school straight to take home her son. The teachers were surprised to see her, as it was only the previous day that her husband called up the class teacher and said, Tushar's mother died suddenly. and the teachers were very sad for the child. It was only when the lady came and spoke to the teachers that another aspect unfolded to them and the head mistress took her to me. I tried my best to console her and sent her home. Yesterday, as I reached school, I was greeted by a sobbing teacher who said Tushar's mother died on saturday night! and on sunday all the last rites were over, a neighbour had informed the teacher in the morning of monday!!
indeed totally un acceptable! she died? but she was so determined to live for her children. when she heard of her husband's words to her son's teacher she had become all the more determined to live and carry on a fight against the injustice meted out to her. what could have happened? was she killed? was it an unnatural death? my heart refuses to accept she would have killed herself. Whatever...... my heart goes out to those kids who are now orphaned . i just cant get off my mind that frail but brave form of the lady!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking on a tag at last........

Sindhu here I go with my random facts............................
1.I am a very sensitive.sentimental ,sincere person....
2.I brood over losses and deprivations---to this day I miss and weep for those two dearest amma and my brother, who are no more with me...
3.I firmly trust in GOD and strongly believe that i cant move even a finger if HE does not want me to......
4.Love, love, and lots of love...... that is what I love to receive and give profusely....
5.Am a good listener and often tend to relate to the problems of others and try to solve them....
6.Am crazy about chocolates!!!!!!!
7.My children are my strength and weakness too....I count a lot on them
8.I dread the thought of losing my loved ones
9.I get easily melted by the woes of others and get carried away---in fact some have even taken advantage of this trait of mine!!
10.At unexpected times I exhibit great strength and will power
11.I just cant stand hypocrite.
12.I am able to befriend people and as such am able to be a good friend and confidante. granddaughter Namya is my world
14.I am able to get along with people of different age groups, by relating to them, talking to them and sometimes even directing them.
15,.I am very much in love with my mother tongue and hold it in high esteem
16.I love my profession so much so that my family says teaching History is my first love! In fact I would say teaching is my passion
17.I fear failure at times and am not very comfortable in trying new things.....but once I get into my will power ,I DO GO ABOUT TRYING NEW IDEAS AND AND MAKE SURE TO SUCCEED(may be paradoxes of character?)
18.I tend to take time to adjust to new surroundings and new people....but once I get adjusted I find it very difficult to leave them....
19.Enthusiasm comes to me naturally and my husband says that at times I am over enthusiastic.
20.I worry too much and the slightest negative vibe shatters me.
22.I love to travel , travel and travel.......especially to seashores and places near water bodies.
23.I am a great romantic at heart and poetry turns me on.
24. I am ever ready to learn.... rather, I have never got fed up of studying.....which my children find hard to fathom.
25.I love to read and find vent to my thoughts and beliefs in writing them down......often to keep them packed away in the secret chambers of my almirah!!!!!
Oh! there is so much I would love to jot down....but '25' is the limit...right Sindhu??????????

Sunday, February 15, 2009

This is love near dear!!!!!!!!!???????

Red and Yellow--two roses you gave me!!!
Red to say you love me.....................and
Yellow --a vow to keep me happy ever...........

Three decades of togetherness....
Sharing my joys and sorrow...
Bearing all my flaws...
Still loving me above all......

Treating me like the young girl
That I was then....
Often dancing to my whims..
And sharing my fancies ever.....

Defying the norms of society
Gratifying my smallest wish
Ever lovingly caring for me...
always subtle in your ways....

You! my Valentine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I owe my life's joys to you....
Your love I know is eternal..
In that bliss let me live for ever................


Friday, February 6, 2009


Normally, we would tap our feet or sit immersed in the graceful movements of a dancer while we watch a dance item. But has it ever happened to any one that you wept uncontrollably while watching a dance performance?????????? well....that is what exactly happened to me a few minutes back, and here I am writing my deep appreciation for that dancer. While watching the programme dance India dance on Zee TV, I was thoroughly enjoying the intricate steps and graceful movements of the dancers and also commenting on their performance. Then all of a sudden a participant came crawling to the stage. What a grit! we both exclaimed.Well...we did admire that he dared to perform in spite of his handicap, BUT WE WERE NOT TRULY PREPARED FOR WHAT FOLLOWED!!!!.....He performed in such vivacity and grace, using his hands like feet and his feet like hands that I just could not bash my eyelids and stayed in that wonder struck state of mind though out. As one of the judges said if only we Indians had one percent of what Kamlesh has, SABSE AAGE HONGE HUM HINDUSTANI. I wept in joy at seeing him selected, Iwept for every Indian, wishing each of us would have the same will power and 'don't say die' attitude, I don't know exactly why i wept... but i could not control my tears. hats off to Kamlesh! Kamlesh u are simply great! I wish I had one percent of the positive feeling as u have. We tend to lose heart if a small hurdle comes our way. We curse our fate, if things don't go the way we want. As a teacher, i realise how important it is to emulate the will power and positive attitude of Kamlesh and pass it on to my students, and coax them further to the realms of glory by consistent positive will power.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

wow! am I happy?????

Yesss I am!!!!!!!!!!!Ask me y??I can see the beaming face of our own Sania Mirza on TV, ACCEPTING THE AUSTRALIAN OPEN TROPHY FOR WINNING THE MIXED DOUBLES. I know it may not be such a great honour as may be bestowed on A R Rehman if he gets the Oscar, or it may not be an individual feat for her, but all the same she has figured in the list of achievers in the world of tennis at international level.She is indeed lucky to have had such an accomplished player as Bhupathi as her partner.
I am not much of a sports person, rather I hardly ever stay glued to TV when there is any match. Somehow tennis happens to be a game I like and try to keep myself updated about it. Of course GK and Deeps are die hard fans of the game. I know the world and the ardent fans of tennis are waiting for the men's singles when Nadal and Federer will be playing. i too am keenly waiting for that. But it gives me immense pleasure to know our own Sania has won a title albeit a shared one.Immensely proud of u Sania!Indeed another feather in the cap of the nation....To add to this feat, we have our own Yuki Bhambri to be proud of! Of course he is the fourth Indian to win the junior title....Even then IT IS AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR THE NATION.....W e are sure proud of u Yuki!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Holding hands.............

I dedicate this post to a co blogger...usha pisharody by whose post by the same name, i was inspired to try out a new way to bring together my faculty in school to reach their goals of enrichment and growth.
I just sent to them the question...What does holding hands mean to you?and was I impressed and enriched?????????????
Pooling all the views that poured in from my esteemed faculty of educators, I gather....
Holding Hands-----------------
Symbolises support, strength, affection, co-operation and gives a grit to move ahead as a team.......
It implies sharing your vision and knowledge with the warmth of camaraderie..........
It is a magical gesture connecting people heart and soul to declare...I AM THERE FOR YOU ALWAYS... and helps in the harmonious growth of self and all those one connects to, by imbibing a sense of unity and togetherness.....
We tend to accept the goodness in the other person while ignoring his/her flaws and welcome him/her with love and concern.....
We start pooling of new ideas for mutual growth and unity of purpose...
We tend to hold one another in times of disaster to ensure care by spreading the warmth of love, to face the challenges of life together as a team.....We try to heal the other person of loneliness and bring happiness in his/her life...
In a team of educators feel that HOLDING HANDS implies the end of all negative feelings like hatred, jealousy, selfishness,violence........ to develop the positive spirit of love, care, peace, harmony and respect and recognition of all , thus leading humanity to divinity.....WOW what a brilliant Utopian concept!!!!! am impressed by the feed back I received from my team........
NOT ONLY THAT...My team resolved to...hold each others hands thru thick and thin to develop a congenial atmosphere by a combined effort towards enrichment and growth-----Professionally,Intellectually..and Emotionally........
I must say the inspiration from NUEPA training combined with the positive vibe i received after surfing thru various blogs specially the one i mentioned in the beginning has enriched me as a better leader.. who do I thank?????????????? Deeps who initiated me into blogging??/ Usha, another member of teaching fraternity and a co blogger??????????? or CBSE and NUEPA??????????????WHATEVER........ I AM HAPPY FOR THE POSITIVE VIBE I AM RECEIVING

Monday, January 26, 2009

Reflection makes a true leader..............???????????

Indeed reflection is an essence for improvement as it necessitates the engagement in thoughtful and careful reporting and analysis of past practices and experiences, thus offering valuable insight into one's leadership progress.....One important lesson I learned at the recent training programme I attended. It is necessary therefore for me to move from the basic level of acceptance of the way things are in my way of working, to a level of critical examination, self assessment and new visions.
Our PTteacher is a person who would rather be left off responsibilities and at the same time would grumble if someone is appreciated or rewarded for a work well done.I have been able to smell a senior----junior conflict brewing in the staff room. SO IT IS BECOMING ALL THE MORE NECESSARY FOR ME TO MOVE ON TO A NEW VISION.....
Due to an unprecedented shoot out and supposedly police encounter with terrorists in the area where i stay, it became impossible for me to go to my school for the flag hoisting ceremony on the republic day.Normally the principal hoists the flag and all the teachers and students in the locality join the ceremony. This year I wouldnt be able to reach for the flag hoisting, but the ceremony has to go on.. instead of being disappointed, I decided to make this into a positive venture to change things.
I immediately called the PT teacher and told him my problem and asked him to plan things as per his insight.I was actually aiming at projecting a reflective leadership by wise delegation and effective conflict management.well........................
Around 10. I got a phone call from the PT teacher. He was unusually eloquent and gave a detailed account of then entire ceremony and also that he felt the senior most teacher who is due to retire in two months time should me the one to hoist the flag.he gave me the minutest detail as to who all attended, how many students came etc etc....He was totally excited and thanked me profusely for trusting him....and so on....the icing on the cake was yet to come....after about 10 minutes I received around fifteen calls in quick succession from various senior and junior teachers.senior teachers praised the effort and leadership of the PTI and the junior teachers were thrilled at the recognition given to a junior teacher and they vowed to work hand in hand with the senior faculty members henceforth.........
Oh GOD!!!!!!!My mission accomplished!!!...may be this is the beginning of reflections passing on to my teachers too.I feel certain now that I will be able to provoke in teachers the ability to notice odd and unexpected things, become curious, enquire and explore and adjust student learning processes accordingly.I feel I have set the ball rolling and there would be more of interactions among my teachers. This is my chance to project the kind of leadership quality i attained from the recent training. and the wise delegation has helped me to manage and erase the conflict in the staff room to a great extend i hope.I would definitely have more people catching the ball of responsibility when i throw it at the group, rather than having to thrust the ball on the same person/persons always

Sunday, January 25, 2009

pause a bit you set on the journey towards you goal...dear youngsters

Raghu is home after a gap of 3 months!!!!! GK and I are elated at the thought of being rid of our monotony at least for 3 days.We thought we would talk and talk and talk to our precious darling son for hours and enjoy catering to his likes in terms of food, which we felt he would be missing...Infact he is a foody... really fond of eating!!!!we have so much of the local and extended family gossip to share with him..................But lo!! things turned out so very different.........
He reached in the early hours of dawn and after afew chit chat and hugs and kisses, went off to the comfort of the quilt amma had set ready for him and he finally woke up in the afternoon!(well....he had to catch up so much on sleep as he was working day in and day out). After freshening up, he was thrilled to lunch on all HIS FAVOURITE DISHES AMMA HAD PREPARED FOR HIM.(Mind you it was 4pm when he had lunch)then he got ready for attending the marriage of his close school friend. Our child looked soooooo happy at the prospect of meeting his school friends, that we forgot that we had not yet spoken to him properly and had not told him all that we wanted to....A ny way....he would be back by 10 or 11 pm and we would talk till midnight or may be later into the night and may be we could wake up a little late in the morning. We would wait for him to come back after enjoying with his friends..........There...again we got an unpleasant surprise when he called up around 10 pm and said...AMMA CAN I STAY BACK WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE AT PRASHANT'S PLACE. WE HAVE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON ONE ANOTHER?????????Well... afterall at night we all would be sleeping..and we wont have much time to let him have fun....we will have him whole of tomorrow with us....thus GK consoled me(or was he consoling himself?)
Earl;y morning I woke up with renewed energy and prepared his favourite breakfast items and waited for him..and guess what????????? HE REACHED BACK AT 12noon! Any way... atlast Raghuttan is here ,we have rest of the day and whole of tomorrow to tell him all news and gossip...we might as well go out together in the evening and dine out at his favourite joint..........Oh no!!! he says he has to go out to attend the engagement ceremony of his college friend and he would thus get a chance to freak out with his college buddies!!!!!!!!So amma. let me catch up on some sleep...he said. After the usual hugs and kisses he is off to sleep.....After all he has to be fit and fine for the evening party. If not with his amma and achan where can he take the liberty to do what he feels like?However our dreams of spending time with our darling son is going down the drains........... But then how can we be selfish and grudge him these occasional chances of enjoyment???How can we hold him back to us when he gets the rare chance to be himself with his buddies?Though I feel disappointed on not being able to get my mon to myself as much as I want, I tend to look at all this in a different perspective.......
Isnt this the case with most of the youngsters today?? Raghu says that the only proper food he usually has is the heavy dinner he cooks for himself.He has asked me to give him some recipes which he can cook fast. He misses amma's cooking...but then he cannot afford to dwell on those as it is WORK, WORK and WORK that is foremost for him.Now he is young so he can work real hard to reach his aspired goal."I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep" says my mon in the poetic style!!!!
Isnt this the case with most of the affluent corporate youth today?While they earn big pay packets, how much are they caring about their future in terms of health?What about a proper family life for these young dreamers and aspirants of peaks of glory in their professional life?????Monutta! Amma loves you too much to allow you to neglect your health ...but as any other mother i too am helpless! I remember the words in your slam book.........
Health and happiness hand in hand
Wealth sufficient to see you thru'
Friends who love and understand
What more is there to wish for you
Yes I wonder....what more is there to pray for you and the youth of today?????????I n fact.. I ask myself......Whither youth of today????????

Saturday, January 24, 2009


we as a nation are on top of the world basking in the knowledge that one of our countrymen is nominated to the Oscars!!!!!!!!! every news paper, every party, every lunch hour conversation talks of Rehman and his chances of winning an award at Los Angels! with great admiration i too read thru all items about Rehman, and discussed with G K and my friends about Rehman and his greatness.......Then my eyes fell on thelines...".I have never gone beyond Varanasi, America is so far money to fly to los angels".....While slumdog millionaire dazzles, little pinky of little known mirzapur is struggling to reach LA....Yes the eight year old protagonist of oscar nominated documentary.....Smile the one i am talking about. What a paradoxe! Here is anation revelling at the idea of a music icon winning world's biggest award, and there is the real life heroine of documentary film based on the cure of her lip deformity struggling to get a decent pair of dress for herself and dreaming of going to a place her father can never dream of.... My heart goes out to the little girl who is Megan Mylan's lucky mascot..... if only.... if only.... we could help the child to make an appearence at the award ceremony.....of course if finally the film is selected... .........IF ONLY.......

Sunday, January 18, 2009

just when i am ready to retire.......................................iam learning....all over again???????

Thirty three years of service and that too with young vibrant learners and in the company of educators of varied age group has kept me young at heart and still longing to learn more.When cbse nominated me to the leadership in educational planning programme and I was required to stay in the National University of Educational Planning and Administration hostel I was thrilled beyond words. Another chance to go back to class and for a change on th other side of the table as a learner...........indeed i was on top of the world once again as a student.
I always thought I was a leader in my school and I was required to lead my team in that traditional way I was taught and trained. but this training programme has brought out the leader, planner and manager in me. 5 days of 9am to 5pm class, library sessions, power point presentations, book reviews, and a hectic schedule of training coupled with the enjoyment of mischiefs as learners, playing pranks with team mates, once in a while yawning in class and passing scribbled comments and goodies in class.....oh my god indeed student days revisited it was!!!!!!!!! the 5 days were also days of cultural exchange for all of us. we exchanged songs and taught and learned a few steps of our regional dance forms and even learned different ways of draping saree in the different traditional styles of coorg, maharashtra, bengal, gujarat, orissa etc.we were principals cum learners from 16 different states of india.the 5 days of togetherness brought us so close to one another and surprisingly even at this age we made really strong friends that we promised to keep in touch always.
I am sure each one of us returned to our respective schools greatly enriched and empowered and in great zeal to revitalise our education scenario.
I have already started practising some of the leadership and institutional planning techniques I learned. I am hoping to be a good leader to the team of educators I have with me, and boost their morale and help them to enhance their self esteem to make them come out of their stress and give their full to make that desired change.With whatever resources available to me, Iam determined to go that extra mile and take my team with me. may god bless me and guide me to be a leader and not ever a boss