Wednesday, July 1, 2009

An ode to selfless love

Who are you to me?????????????
A sister I never had????
A daughter not born to me?
a friend who cares and dotes over me?
Nay.. u are all rolled into one my sweet loving Xi!
Five days of togetherness encompassed in formal ways
Turned into five decades of loving bond?
Those were just two days with you again....
You turned that into an eon of memory
Ever reminding me of your caring and loving ways
Each moment coming back to me to tell me
You care and you love with full heart
I dare not thank u my Xi.....lest....
Your crystal clear heart breaks!!!!!!!!.........for.....
Your love, I know is unconditional......

Just one more wish about us---my dear,
May this bond live on till our last breath my Xi

1 comment:

soul speaks said...

Dear Teacher,
Good to see you write after so long... looking forward to seeing more of your thoughts on this page ... keep connecting..

warm regards