Friday, September 18, 2009

My little bundle of joy heartbeat,my world...turns three tomorrow. And, I am sooo thankful to THE ONE ABOVE for this most wonderful gift HE gave me.

Growing age, workplace rush, and the home front, makes me tired often, but my little darling by her sweet talks and pranks rids me off all my aches and tiredness, and I forget myself catering to her demands...."Ammamma ivade varu ivade irikkyu ente koode kalikkyu" .......and then by her sweet twittering ways..."u wont talk to me? u want to sleep?" and all sorts of sweet nothings, she keeps me active.

But yesterday,she,by her innocent ways moved a strange chord in the depth of my heart.I was telling her about mother pigeon and baby pigeon having gone to sleep and why she should not go to the terrace lest she disturbed them.Then she asked,when mother pigeon woke up in the morning, and flew away to get food for the baby, what would the baby do.I went on to explain to her that baby pigeon would play and wait for mama pigeon to come back.Then by action I showed how mama would feed the baby pigeon beak to beak.Immediately she said,"enikkyu veshkkunu"( I am hungry). In the same flow I said let mama come.Little did I expect the response that came.She asked.."appo ammamma aarkka maamu kodkkua? raghumaamuno?"( so whom will ammamma feed? raghu maamu).
I just did not know what to say to that innocent query. When she said I am hungry, she thought I would feed her, and when I said let mamma come....was she taken aback? was she hurt? I dont know what feelings overcame me.. I picked her up and kissed her all over and said... no no ammamma will feed her darling nammukutty and went on to get food for her.But her instant response in that innocent manner set me thinking. When her mama came home we talked about that and even now I find it hard to stop my tears to think was my darling hurt that ammamma said let amma come?

The way she said was very touching, indeed.Sometimes little ones really set us thinking even over our casual remarks. I am reminded of a line from a malayalam poem...

വാക്കുകള്‍ കൂട്ടിചോല്ലാന്‍ വയ്യാത്ത കിടാങ്ങളേ ദീര്ഘദര്ശനമ് ചെയ്യും ദെഇവജ്ന്യരല്ലൊ നിങ്ങള്‍

(roughly translated it means kids who cant utter full sentences even are so very farsighted than us adults.) do set us thinking wild at times...No??????

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Onasamsakal--Happy Onam!

Tomorrow is onam. This post --a very short one- is just to wish a very Happy Onam to all my co bloggers and all those who would care to peep into my blog(this and ambrosia). while u all enjoy the onam feast, tomorrow, here is an old couple from NOIDA , INDIA,wishing u all avery happy onam! Onasamsakal Evarkkum