Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It was just three days back she had come to my room---a tired form, with disheveled hair and lost look, pale and red eyed! I still remember that frail young lady. She had come straight away from the railway station, to meet her son,Tushar in the L K G class. Accompanied by the K G in charge, she initially sounded very vague. I had to make her sit and relax and with a little prodding by the head mistress, she told me her story.......she is the mother of two, the elder one in L K G in my school, and the younger one just 2 years old. Since the birth of her daughter, she had noticed a great change in her husband, apart from the habit of drinking and gambling,he had started having extra marital relations too. she tried to adjust to his ways to the maximum, for the sake of her children, when it became unbearable, she called her brother, who took her away to Punjab, and the husband sent her with the brother but not the children. After a week in Punjab she could no longer stay away from her children. she returned to her children and came to school straight to take home her son. The teachers were surprised to see her, as it was only the previous day that her husband called up the class teacher and said, Tushar's mother died suddenly. and the teachers were very sad for the child. It was only when the lady came and spoke to the teachers that another aspect unfolded to them and the head mistress took her to me. I tried my best to console her and sent her home. Yesterday, as I reached school, I was greeted by a sobbing teacher who said Tushar's mother died on saturday night! and on sunday all the last rites were over, a neighbour had informed the teacher in the morning of monday!!
indeed totally un acceptable! she died? but she was so determined to live for her children. when she heard of her husband's words to her son's teacher she had become all the more determined to live and carry on a fight against the injustice meted out to her. what could have happened? was she killed? was it an unnatural death? my heart refuses to accept she would have killed herself. Whatever...... my heart goes out to those kids who are now orphaned . i just cant get off my mind that frail but brave form of the lady!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Taking on a tag at last........

Sindhu tagged...so here I go with my random facts............................
1.I am a very sensitive.sentimental ,sincere person....
2.I brood over losses and deprivations---to this day I miss and weep for those two dearest persons..........my amma and my brother, who are no more with me...
3.I firmly trust in GOD and strongly believe that i cant move even a finger if HE does not want me to......
4.Love, love, and lots of love...... that is what I love to receive and give profusely....
5.Am a good listener and often tend to relate to the problems of others and try to solve them....
6.Am crazy about chocolates!!!!!!!
7.My children are my strength and weakness too....I count a lot on them
8.I dread the thought of losing my loved ones
9.I get easily melted by the woes of others and get carried away---in fact some have even taken advantage of this trait of mine!!
10.At unexpected times I exhibit great strength and will power
11.I just cant stand hypocrite.
12.I am able to befriend people and as such am able to be a good friend and confidante.
13.my granddaughter Namya is my world
14.I am able to get along with people of different age groups, by relating to them, talking to them and sometimes even directing them.
15,.I am very much in love with my mother tongue and hold it in high esteem
16.I love my profession so much so that my family says teaching History is my first love! In fact I would say teaching is my passion
17.I fear failure at times and am not very comfortable in trying new things.....but once I get into my will power ,I DO GO ABOUT TRYING NEW IDEAS AND AND MAKE SURE TO SUCCEED(may be paradoxes of character?)
18.I tend to take time to adjust to new surroundings and new people....but once I get adjusted I find it very difficult to leave them....
19.Enthusiasm comes to me naturally and my husband says that at times I am over enthusiastic.
20.I worry too much and the slightest negative vibe shatters me.
22.I love to travel , travel and travel.......especially to seashores and places near water bodies.
23.I am a great romantic at heart and poetry turns me on.
24. I am ever ready to learn.... rather, I have never got fed up of studying.....which my children find hard to fathom.
25.I love to read and find vent to my thoughts and beliefs in writing them down......often to keep them packed away in the secret chambers of my almirah!!!!!
Oh! there is so much I would love to jot down....but '25' is the limit...right Sindhu??????????