Wednesday, October 8, 2008

am honoured nammutta!!!!!!!!!!

vijayadashami is here again......this year with a new flavour and fervour! my nammuttan is to be initiated into the world of education........and what an honour for her ammamma!! her parents have chosen her ammamma as the teacher to initiate my treasured gem to the world of letters!!!!! may my child achieve the best from the world of education and scale new heights of knowledge to empower her in every possible way.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

getting started????????

blogging is an entirely new concept for me!!my daughter initiated me into this. after all child is father(or is it mother?)of man(may be woman?). may be she thought ma blabbers too much and all that her ma blabbers should be put in black and white. whatever be the reason, indeed she initiated and encouraged me to this new way of speaking out to the world what i think. there is so much i want to share with the world. i know it will take time for me to come out of the shell and be my true self......thus sharing my thoughts and views with all. let me get prepared to OPEN UP! Till then................