Sunday, January 25, 2009

pause a bit you set on the journey towards you goal...dear youngsters

Raghu is home after a gap of 3 months!!!!! GK and I are elated at the thought of being rid of our monotony at least for 3 days.We thought we would talk and talk and talk to our precious darling son for hours and enjoy catering to his likes in terms of food, which we felt he would be missing...Infact he is a foody... really fond of eating!!!!we have so much of the local and extended family gossip to share with him..................But lo!! things turned out so very different.........
He reached in the early hours of dawn and after afew chit chat and hugs and kisses, went off to the comfort of the quilt amma had set ready for him and he finally woke up in the afternoon!(well....he had to catch up so much on sleep as he was working day in and day out). After freshening up, he was thrilled to lunch on all HIS FAVOURITE DISHES AMMA HAD PREPARED FOR HIM.(Mind you it was 4pm when he had lunch)then he got ready for attending the marriage of his close school friend. Our child looked soooooo happy at the prospect of meeting his school friends, that we forgot that we had not yet spoken to him properly and had not told him all that we wanted to....A ny way....he would be back by 10 or 11 pm and we would talk till midnight or may be later into the night and may be we could wake up a little late in the morning. We would wait for him to come back after enjoying with his friends..........There...again we got an unpleasant surprise when he called up around 10 pm and said...AMMA CAN I STAY BACK WITH ALL THESE PEOPLE AT PRASHANT'S PLACE. WE HAVE SO MUCH TO CATCH UP ON ONE ANOTHER?????????Well... afterall at night we all would be sleeping..and we wont have much time to let him have fun....we will have him whole of tomorrow with us....thus GK consoled me(or was he consoling himself?)
Earl;y morning I woke up with renewed energy and prepared his favourite breakfast items and waited for him..and guess what????????? HE REACHED BACK AT 12noon! Any way... atlast Raghuttan is here ,we have rest of the day and whole of tomorrow to tell him all news and gossip...we might as well go out together in the evening and dine out at his favourite joint..........Oh no!!! he says he has to go out to attend the engagement ceremony of his college friend and he would thus get a chance to freak out with his college buddies!!!!!!!!So amma. let me catch up on some sleep...he said. After the usual hugs and kisses he is off to sleep.....After all he has to be fit and fine for the evening party. If not with his amma and achan where can he take the liberty to do what he feels like?However our dreams of spending time with our darling son is going down the drains........... But then how can we be selfish and grudge him these occasional chances of enjoyment???How can we hold him back to us when he gets the rare chance to be himself with his buddies?Though I feel disappointed on not being able to get my mon to myself as much as I want, I tend to look at all this in a different perspective.......
Isnt this the case with most of the youngsters today?? Raghu says that the only proper food he usually has is the heavy dinner he cooks for himself.He has asked me to give him some recipes which he can cook fast. He misses amma's cooking...but then he cannot afford to dwell on those as it is WORK, WORK and WORK that is foremost for him.Now he is young so he can work real hard to reach his aspired goal."I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep" says my mon in the poetic style!!!!
Isnt this the case with most of the affluent corporate youth today?While they earn big pay packets, how much are they caring about their future in terms of health?What about a proper family life for these young dreamers and aspirants of peaks of glory in their professional life?????Monutta! Amma loves you too much to allow you to neglect your health ...but as any other mother i too am helpless! I remember the words in your slam book.........
Health and happiness hand in hand
Wealth sufficient to see you thru'
Friends who love and understand
What more is there to wish for you
Yes I wonder....what more is there to pray for you and the youth of today?????????I n fact.. I ask myself......Whither youth of today????????


Deeps said...

Beautiful,Ma!Just make sure Raghu reads this,ie.when he is back frm the engagement party,and then from his long pending sleep!

cool cancerian said...

Oh wow, I can so empathize with this. Not that I am complaining either, that they are enjoying themselves with friends is fine by me. Hehe, they do wake up only by noon, don't they?? I don't even have to make breakfast for them!! ;-)
Loved the post. Written so well.

chandrika said...

thanks amillion deeps and cool cancerian for the encouraging words.
indeed bloggers like you, cool cancerian, inspire novitiates like me, thanks again for the compliment and encouragement.