Monday, January 7, 2013

Three weeks of Total Bliss

Three weeks of total bliss it was. Forgot all worries of life, forgot my age.. sometimes even forgot I am needed elsewhere too. It was a dream come true.Staying with one’s children is always a blessing and joy. But, to know that  one’s child is grown up into a super efficient homemaker,  is one eyeopening bliss for  any mother and that exactly was how I felt.Added to that was the joy of staying in Doha—with its natural beauty, people, fresh food and umpteen good things and above all the Sea, which took me  back to those days of crazy adolescence when it was a gay abandon of every thing around. Roaming around with my little one, being pampered by my son in law and daughter  brought out the child in me…..receptive of all care and affection……..
Roaming around, I splashed in the sea waters with my little one,  turning out from 60 to a 6 YEAR OLD like her, going round in Dhow—a special boat remotely similar to a house boat, I went into an ultimate trance …again oblivious of my age….The clean surroundings, thick greenery in a desert land, polite local people  ever smiling and cordial neighbours……….these and much more endeared  Doha to my heart. I saluted the people and governance of a foreign land in my heart…….But……certain things made my heart weep for my country……..
From the kitchen to the living room of my daughter’s house, I found mostly things purchased in Doha …but made in India. The simple Lipton tea, the eastern curry powder( and a variety of spices and condiments packed by the eastern food products…), table mats, utensils, glass wares  spices and much more were extremely good in quality. The ground  and whole spices, tea leaves and even the ubiquitous roasted rice powder and other raw mixes for indian snacks, turned out to be a feast to the palate and taste……. That is when my heart wept for my country and its people. Such variety and high quality of things we have in the country!!!!!!!!!!!AND… We the people are deprived of all that. We have to spend extra to purchase the so called” export quality” goods and those too are nowhere near what I saw in the country I visited. Later I was told that what we get as ‘’export quality’’ are actually those rejected by the export office ……I am grieved that the health and well being of its people has no importance  to the govt compared to the foreign exchange it  gets for the high quality stuff exported. Adulterated stuff is destined to our people who have to spend  huge sum of money to hospitals and chemists to treat them after the consumption of the low grade stuff available to them.  Where moveth thou my country……?????????????? What fate awaits the people of this country????????????
As I roamed in the midst of the thick greenery and natural vegetation of Doha..I wondered  to myself how is this possible in a desert land. I had my answer from my daughter and son in law The people and government of Doha work to plant vegetation and maintain the ecological balance and convert the land into a blessed green area. The surroundings are kept clean by the people who don’t litter or spit in roads and public places. The cleaning staff and gardeners appointed by the govt perform their duties diligently and sincerely .Whereas what happens here??????????????? ..My heart weeps for you my India…….