Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A fortnight of sheer joy

I remember those days when I started life as a home maker around 32 years back.It was sheer excitement and thrill to collect small items for the kitchen and for the living room. I always thought gone are those days of excitement and sheer joy of setting up a new household.

32 years passed amidst moving from a rented house to the Air India quarters and then to our own house and then building extensions and additions.Things seemed to have settled down and life almost stood still and devoid of much excitement. Little did I know that the excitement and thrill was to resurface and once again in a different perspective was I to experience all that.

Fifteen days of a totally new experience of setting up a new home and experimenting with basic available equipment and infrastructure and all the while enjoying every bit of it....................that too in a paradise like environ!!!!!!!!!!
May be my sheer joy of doing all this for my doting son who lost no chance to pamper Amma and to take every little effort to make her happy and cater to her demands, brought all the thrill of yesteryear's back
32 years back it was the man of my life who danced to the tune of my demands...and this time it is the other important male member of my life-----my son----who let go no chance to fulfill my demands. Whatever..... setting up anew home for my son, cooking solely for him, and waiting to see the smile of happiness and contentment at seeing me home when he came back from work, and watching him glow while seeing his favourite dish on table ...Oh my God that was my greatest joy!!!!!
That fortnight of my stay with my child, my doting darling son, took away from me all aches and pains of growing old, and the wonderful flora and fauna and the weather of Bangalore made my mind and body healthier and younger.Truly speaking I did not want to leave that paradise, but I have my soul mate, and a work place to turn back to and loads to do before i turn to those green pastures again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


soul speaks said...

Dear Teacher,

Your joy is so pure , it is touching, it also shows how inspite of being a working woman you are also a wonderful mother. I wish I could also be like you when my children are all grown up.

warm regards

soul speaks said...

Dear Teacher,

Thank u for your everinspiring comments on my blog. I called on your number, you were not in. I will call you on Monday (13/7/09).

Warm regards

Deeps said...

here too,geography,ma???flaura and fauna!!
So so so touching a post! Did Rags read this?I'm sure he would have welled up!

Swaram said...

This is such a sweet post aunty :)