Sunday, January 18, 2009

just when i am ready to retire.......................................iam learning....all over again???????

Thirty three years of service and that too with young vibrant learners and in the company of educators of varied age group has kept me young at heart and still longing to learn more.When cbse nominated me to the leadership in educational planning programme and I was required to stay in the National University of Educational Planning and Administration hostel I was thrilled beyond words. Another chance to go back to class and for a change on th other side of the table as a learner...........indeed i was on top of the world once again as a student.
I always thought I was a leader in my school and I was required to lead my team in that traditional way I was taught and trained. but this training programme has brought out the leader, planner and manager in me. 5 days of 9am to 5pm class, library sessions, power point presentations, book reviews, and a hectic schedule of training coupled with the enjoyment of mischiefs as learners, playing pranks with team mates, once in a while yawning in class and passing scribbled comments and goodies in class.....oh my god indeed student days revisited it was!!!!!!!!! the 5 days were also days of cultural exchange for all of us. we exchanged songs and taught and learned a few steps of our regional dance forms and even learned different ways of draping saree in the different traditional styles of coorg, maharashtra, bengal, gujarat, orissa etc.we were principals cum learners from 16 different states of india.the 5 days of togetherness brought us so close to one another and surprisingly even at this age we made really strong friends that we promised to keep in touch always.
I am sure each one of us returned to our respective schools greatly enriched and empowered and in great zeal to revitalise our education scenario.
I have already started practising some of the leadership and institutional planning techniques I learned. I am hoping to be a good leader to the team of educators I have with me, and boost their morale and help them to enhance their self esteem to make them come out of their stress and give their full to make that desired change.With whatever resources available to me, Iam determined to go that extra mile and take my team with me. may god bless me and guide me to be a leader and not ever a boss


Usha Pisharody said...

Got here from Deeps post on you:)

May I say, we need more of your tribe that makes learning, and leading such enjoyable experiences, especially to the learner fraternity we deal with on a daily hourly basis at school.

Congratulations on this achievement! And I do hope you will have much more fruitful times with trying out all that you have found at the Course.


chandrika said...

thank you usha! coming from one of the same fraternity, this is really encouraging. incidentally i have been reading ur posts after deeps told me about u. i was fascinated, by the verses indeed. thanks again for ur words. will try to post more about my experiences