Friday, February 6, 2009


Normally, we would tap our feet or sit immersed in the graceful movements of a dancer while we watch a dance item. But has it ever happened to any one that you wept uncontrollably while watching a dance performance?????????? well....that is what exactly happened to me a few minutes back, and here I am writing my deep appreciation for that dancer. While watching the programme dance India dance on Zee TV, I was thoroughly enjoying the intricate steps and graceful movements of the dancers and also commenting on their performance. Then all of a sudden a participant came crawling to the stage. What a grit! we both exclaimed.Well...we did admire that he dared to perform in spite of his handicap, BUT WE WERE NOT TRULY PREPARED FOR WHAT FOLLOWED!!!!.....He performed in such vivacity and grace, using his hands like feet and his feet like hands that I just could not bash my eyelids and stayed in that wonder struck state of mind though out. As one of the judges said if only we Indians had one percent of what Kamlesh has, SABSE AAGE HONGE HUM HINDUSTANI. I wept in joy at seeing him selected, Iwept for every Indian, wishing each of us would have the same will power and 'don't say die' attitude, I don't know exactly why i wept... but i could not control my tears. hats off to Kamlesh! Kamlesh u are simply great! I wish I had one percent of the positive feeling as u have. We tend to lose heart if a small hurdle comes our way. We curse our fate, if things don't go the way we want. As a teacher, i realise how important it is to emulate the will power and positive attitude of Kamlesh and pass it on to my students, and coax them further to the realms of glory by consistent positive will power.


Usha Pisharody said...

That seems to have been a soul stirring performance, and it is always those challenged in some form or other, that finally teach us the best lessons in life on determination and will power, isn't it?

It is not just the descriptive part, but the learning you always draw from your experience that you share that makes for great reading here.

Thank you :)

chandrika said...

thank u usha! thanks for the words which as always encourage me