Monday, September 19, 2016

Happy two digit birthday...all of ten my darling

My darling Nammu,
As you turn ten today, I thank the Almighty for having bestowed on the family such a beautiful blessing ..You. How fast the ten years have flown by! As I vividly recollect the day u were born and I was able to hold you in my hands, I realize you are my world, my life and my life line..God's greatest and most precious gift to me....

You are a big girl now Nammu, and I know you have thousands of ideas, goals and thoughts in your mind...Your likes and dislikes are slowly setting in and you have started narrowing down on your goals (at least immediate ones) .It will b a few years from now that you would finally set your heart and mind on what you want to achieve in life, what you ultimately would like to pursue as your career and so on...
However, I want to share a few of my thoughts as you step into the shoes of  A BIG GIRL...
Remember my love, you are you and you need not change yourself just to please your friends or classmates. As of now, you may not be in a position to take a final decision on anything , but your Amma and Papa are there for you and till about the time you feel you can take decision on your own, they will be your best advisers. Remember my love, after a few years you will feel you can decide for yourself, but  it will be better to take their opinion too. Why I say this is because , your parents are your best advisers, most positive critics and strongest admirers.
I understand  you have taken over from Amma a very beautiful responsibility....of lighting the holy lamp in front of  God...I really feel proud of you. It is indeed a positive and admirable thing that you 'believe'. All said and done, it is really wise to believe in a power above us, immaterial of the name you give to that supreme power. I call it Nature. You call it Thampatty now and gradually u will start giving different names to that power...The name , does not matter at all ...My dear, let your mind not dwell on any religion or social division. I hope and wish you will believe in treating everyone equally, Do not ever keep a grudge in your mind , but do not let any one wrong you.
 I am glad you worship the creator of the Universe, but I would rather you worship also your parents for whom you are The Universe,  my love. Obey them, make them happy , because their ultimate aim is your happiness.
It is really heartwarming that you care a lot for your Amma and Papa. They, and only they are the ones who have and can ever give the best to you and make you emotionally strong. Do not ever let any one or anything influence you to change in a way you don't want to. Don't ever feel what any one other than your parents will think or react to , your behaviour. I am not asking you to b rude, but always have the audacity to say NO albeit politely.
My darling , my dearest Nammu, do you remember how eager you used to be to reach your tenth birthday, and used to say, "Ammamma when I turn ten, will you allow me to cross the road on my own and go and drop a letter in the post box?"Times have changed and I know you can b on your own and are a lot more independent than the girls of your age in this part of the world. I feel extremely proud of your talents, your ability to communicate and of course your eagerness to read voraciously.
As you turn ten and walk towards your teens and then your adulthood, I pray to the almighty to bestow on you all blessings to make you a strong, talented, beautiful(in looks, in thoughts and in the heart), compassionate and lovingly lovable lady. Remember my love, You are my Life, my World and the most precious person in my life. Love you with all the love inside me, and always pray for your well being. You are ammamma's precious gem Namla.....

With hugs to my darling ,
Your very own Ammamma

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