Sunday, August 7, 2016

With Love and Prayers for you my little one!!!!!!

Dearest Sreekutty,

 As u set out on a new and exciting journey of your life, here I am  on top of the world, reminiscing, exulting,and my heart and soul puffed up in pure joy......
You have entered the gates of that prestigious campus which I left about four decades back.....You have decided to get yourself empowered and  academically and emotionally enrich yourself from the the same place which empowered me and enriched me and moulded me into a different person. The naive, bewildered teenager ,who entered the gates of that magnanimous structure called Arts Faculty, came out of it as a confident, empowered young lady, ready to face the world.

 I have had a secret wish to see my children too  get empowered by the same prestigious Delhi University.Somehow things did not happen as I wished and hoped, but after four decades my dream of seeing at least one of my children as a full fledged product of Delhi university  is to be fulfilled. I have always related the North Campus as Delhi University..may be because in those days that is how it was. Well...all said and done...Delhi University ,is even now the pompous, majestic and prestigious institution it used to be . I feel overjoyed that my darling child, my Sreekutty has entered the thresholds of this place and is to be a post graduate from the same place which made me that.and much more.

As I write this, my thoughts go back to the day March 5,1995 when u entered this world and I literally cried out in sheer joy and ecstasy. To this day March 5,1995 is the first day of my life that I was overjoyed. Incidentally the other two days being September 19,2006  and February 8th.,2013.

Somehow, I always have seen traces of myself in you.  We are to a great extend similar in our thoughts, our passion for certain academic subjects, our look out towards life and many such small things. I wouldn't ever want you to be like me, but I am puffed up that you have chosen to pursue your academic journey at the same place as mine. I want you to be  more confident a  person, surer of yourself and unlike me strong enough to live for yourself and never ever divert from your likes and dislikes to keep your dear ones happy, and I want you to face the world as a strong willed person who can not be taken for a ride.

 Love with all your heart, but let not your love be your weakness , let it make you stronger. Let not sacrificing your wishes  be the ways to show your love , let care for those who need you be your way but let not care for others make you careless towards yourself. Make your academic journey the best journey by completely immersed in it. Be sure to take the path that you  think is right. Let none influence your thoughts and path.

Too much advice? Well...I just want my exultation to be pure and meaningful in that you reach the goal to which you have set out,  to be reached the way you want it to be. I am totally in a state of euphoria my dear...Let my prayers, my good wishes and my hopes reach you in a way to make you also ecstatically happy after years when you talk to your next generation about your experiences in you journey called life.


soulsearchingdays said...

It's great to read your writing Teacher. I do not know who Sreekutty is but I am sure she is blessed and lucky to have some one like you to feel proud about her decisions, some one like you to advise her and be happy for her. Till day your words are the pearls which I tuck away in that special corner which I had made for them decades back. lots of love, respect and hugs to you
take care

chandrika kumar said...

Love u always my child. I am foetunate that u, one of my few dearest girls, still hold me closeto ur heart.Incidentally, Sreekutty is my darling neice, my brother's daughter

chandrika kumar said...
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