Friday, July 24, 2015

Dusk to Dawn....

Pacing through the party floor....
I woke up to a new light!
Enlightened once again by my gurus!
From whom I learned all over again......
As I look to the horizon of life and death,
Rays of a new dawn peep through!
Wonder-struck am I to see the happy faces,
As I witness the light of true joy around!
Lived as I have in self abandon,
The feel of a new life and budding joy,
Fills me with a yearning to seek true joy.....
In a way my Gurus now are doing

They too toiled hard for their kith and kin,
They too worked towards social nod.
Selfless have they been; selfish now not,
Social acceptance they seek not now

Age or ailments deter them not....
Personal loss or grief they don’t let linger on....
What if I, like them in the evening of my life,

Move on with a new zest to seek my right to happiness?

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