Friday, July 24, 2015

In Search of a goal


I feel like a soul devoid of life,
I try to find a reason, a cure,
Not quite sure of what I want,
And know not what more I need to do.
              All I feel is my life has come to a standstill,
               But No! I don’t want to give up……………
               Let me move on to find an opening….
               A way out of these uneventful days…..
But then…it is a bit too much to take,
As the fear of the unknown surrounds me….and,
Darkness creeps inside me from all sides…..
My mind spins intricate web over my confidence….
               Oh God!!! I need to stop this swirling insecurity
               Let not my confidence ebb and make me lost….
               Let thoughts of hope and not agony flow into me…

               I need to embark on a journey to find my entity

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